About us

SIA "Ažiņa KF" MARKETS "" was founded in 1992, in Cesis, Latvia. In the history of our company's 26-years, we have become and evolved into an innovative, reliable, partnership with high-quality companies with a team of experienced professionals.

SIA “Ažiņa KF” MARKETS “distribution story started 26 years ago. Today we are one of the largest product distribution companies in Latvia, developing and distributing FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands.

We cooperate with the largest market networks in Latvia, wholesale and retail enterprises, municipalities and state institutions: schools, kindergartens and catering establishments.

We provide sales partners with our partners, the required distribution depth in the shortest possible time, choosing the right audience, the most efficient trading channels and the best places on the shelves!

Our customers appreciate:
✓ 26 years of successful brand experience
✓ wide distribution network throughout the territory of Latvia at various sales channels
✓ provision of distribution.

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